Tips to Care for Indoor Plants

Plants Add More Than Beauty

It is no secret that indoor plants exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. This enriches the air we breathe with oxygen healthy levels. In a work environment, which is often a closed space with little natural outdoor ventilation, this healthy level can up productivity? But that is not the only way plants boost work output. The sight of the healthy, lush green plants enhances mood levels and promotes creativity. Plants may even contribute to less complaint of people not feeling well!

Healthy plants

Healthy plants are the key to experiencing the benefits they provide. Not having the time to care for indoor plants is no excuse for employers to avoid having them when an indoor plant service is available to completely care for the plants. A plant service company will bring the plants, send out representatives for watering, feeding and other necessary care at regular intervals. Services like Gaddy’s Indoor Plant Hire have well-trained representatives that are friendly and efficient. They will build their schedule around yours, thus minimizing disruptions to your work flow. To view Gaddy’s full services simply log onto

Professional Plants

Desktop and floor plants come in a variety of containers for coordination to any office or workplace. A consultation with a professional will help you determine which plants, containers and groupings will work best in your area and within the general atmosphere of your space. Some plants thrive in low light and others need bright light. The guesswork on your part will be taken out when a professional is there to make the best decision. Additionally, clean, dust-free plants carry the most aesthetic value. Your plant hire service should routinely come in to perform basic maintenance to keep your plants looking as fresh as the day they arrived.

Experienced plant professionals know a plant’s feeding and watering preferences. As many plants have succumbed from too much water or food as have from too little. The same is true of light. Placing a plant that requires minimal sunshine by a window may cause damage. Rotating plant locations is best left to the professionals. A plant hire service knows each species and variety for optimum care freeing you and your workers to do what you do best- take care of your professional duties!