Advantages of Writing Short Stories

Advantages of Writing Short Stories

Short stories are basically stories that can be read in one sitting. Whether you’re traveling or waiting for a bus or waiting for your cooking to get done, reading short stories could possibly be one of the more entertaining things to do in the shortest amount of time. You can visit us for different tutorials on short stories.  Even though there are a lot of people who would rather prefer reading huge bestseller novels, there are also plenty of people who enjoy reading short stories, as the good ones could make you go through a lot of emotions with just a small number of words. Today, we look at a few of the advantages of writing short stories.

Long-term commitment is not required:
Short stories can be as short as 5 pages long. As long as it has a good beginning and an ending that gives closure, it could be absolutely anything. Novels require you to think of character development, exposition and, world-building, where it requires a lot of time and effort. You could think of a short story in one day and finish it by the next.

Readers love a good short story:
As I mentioned before, most people usually get caught up at work or chores at home, where they do not get enough time to start a novel and finish it. Which is why some readers choose to read a couple of short stories every day to scratch their reading itch.

Experiment with your content:
You can try writing different genres of short stories to quickly determine what genre you are good at. This lets you explore all the options and be creative every time you write a story. Even though you’re not comfortable with writing something new, you can be really creative about it and make it work. This way, readers will always wait in anticipation for your next story.

You can earn money:
If your short stories are good enough, you can actually get them published and make a living out of it. Like I said, there are a lot of people who would enjoy a good short story. If you have what it takes to keep the reader captivated from the beginning till the end, editors and publishers will approach you to get your book published. This way, your stories could reach a wider audience and you will get more recognition.

These are just some of the advantages of writing a short story. You can always visit us for different tutorials online.

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