Common myths and facts about disposable diapers

Common myths and facts about disposable diapers

If you are going to deliver a kid, then you would visit a 孕婦用品專門店 to buy baby supplies or even websites. There are lots of concerns that would be mothers would have regarding safety of their children and 嬰兒尿片 is the most important part of a child’s upbringing.

Here are some facts and common myths about disposable diapers:

  1. Myth: using cloth is better than diaper

Fact: diapers can absorb the liquid efficiently and keep baby dry for a long time whereas cloth ones cannot hold moisture and can lead to rashes on the delicate skin of baby. Some diaper have baby lotion that can protect the sensitive skin of baby and moisturizes it too.

  1. Myth: diaper can cause skin rashes

Fact: diaper with baby lotion and soft material do not cause any rashes even if used for the whole day. You should make sure that you buy quality and branded products.嬰兒尿片

  1. Myth: Skin cannot breathe if diapers are used for long hours:

Fact: earlier diapers were in their nascent stages and so it used to cause problems, but now diapers are much advanced and allows air circulation and skin can breathe, thereby keeping air flow proper and moisture vapour can be transmitted through the diaper material.

  1. Myth: Thin diapers are not at all effective:

Fact: most people think that the diapers that hold moisture are bulky and thick but on the contrary, the advanced diapers that are thin and light-weight can distribute wetness evenly to ensure that the baby remains dry and comfortable.

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