Everyone hopes for a better future where they can sit back and enjoy their labour but not everyone makes the right choice about what to do when you have extra cash doesn’t matter how little it might be. Technically no amount is too small to earn profit considered it is put to good use.

Over the years there have been debates among financial experts as to what to do with your extra cash either SAVE IT or INVEST IT. They both have their pros and cons when you save the bank or financial institution use your cash for their investment, earn profit and give a token as profit when you withdraw. Though this is a safe and secure way to save the money when you can earn huge profit within a short time when you invest then you can get from the bank over a longer time as savings.

It is of no doubt profitable to invest your money that is, have your money work for you and earn more rather than saving it with where you only get the same amount later.fidelity isa

┬áhas cleared all necessary arguments about this. It doesn’t matter when you invest, all that matters is the time and commitment though it is a bit risky choice to make all factors been carefully considered you will surely have the last laugh.

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To clear your doubts, below are the reasons why you need to invest the money instead of saving or squander it;

  • Retirement backup: Spending your daily, monthly, and yearly extra cash is not the right thing if you desire to have rest when you retire. Investing your money while working and still earning those cash from your boss or personal source is a perfect decision. Imagine investing 10% of your earnings in a month for 30years of your service at working, that’s a huge profit right?? Not only will you enjoy your retirement but your family and generations also tend to enjoy your profit the right choice of investment is made. No time is too late to start saving before retirement.
  • Present and future security: Investing helps you secure your present life and future. Do you aspire to become an entrepreneur someday or be financially independent?? Then investing your money is the right choice you have to make. Investments like the stock exchange market, forex, bitcoin, jewellery, and real estate will help solve your financial issues with 100% satisfaction and little or no risk. They provide you an opportunity to invest your money and earn huge profits at the end of your agreement with their terms and conditions. If you want to stand ahead of peers, then investing your money is the right thing to do.

Having said all these and you want to start investing there are also certain things you need to consider before to dive into it. These factors must be considered critically to avoid any regrets.

  1. Type of investment you want to make. Weigh out your options and go for the one that specifically interests you.
  2. Availability of capital. No amount is too small to start an investment but the type of investment to go into also depends on your capital.
  3. Availability of time to monitor your investment. Investing is not something you do and forget about, you must keep a record of each activity to ensure your money is yielding profit.

All things have been considered, start investing now!!!