Day: November 18, 2019

Blockchain already delivers to Hype

Blockchain began to destroy multi-million-dollar verticals, including international bank transfers, the gold industry, and crowdfunding. But new technologies, such as blockchain, are being severely criticized. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Fads, Bubble, Monopoly

On the way to the top, very valuable techniques often experience an inexorable negative. If there is high growth, this corresponds to high volatility and higher expectations. This leads to exaggerated cycles and periods of revaluation. This happens until the technology becomes ubiquitous. Now, new criticism concerns the inevitable monopoly, not the whim or lack of utility.

For example, if we talk about social networks and Facebook, people, despite the accumulation of up to 500 million users over six years, were considered a bubble in 2010. In addition, it was assumed that this company would never live to extravagance. 33 billion dollars that people have invested in this. But until 2017, Facebook earned $ 15 billion in net profit. Therefore, such issues silently disappeared if you overestimate social networks or Facebook.

10x achievements

In these multi-million-dollar sectors, including the gold mining industry, international bank transfers and crowdfunding bitpay, they have provided quantitative improvements 10 times higher than in previous technologies. To be more specific, bitcoin is better than gold. Large amounts of money can be quickly moved across borders and can be ten times faster than the same amount of gold can be transferred.

Flexible defects

Obstacles may be related to performance and distribution. Fundamental zero-to-one innovations in crowdfunding, international bank transfers and the gold mining industry are no longer in doubt. Yes, improvements 10 times may exist, but there is an argument that not everyone can use them.

free swimlane template

Free templates for PowerPoint

Presentations are well noticed, especially when it is during meetings and gatherings. A good, planned, prepared content will be enough to make it a useful one. In any business environment, it is essential to have a structured and well-organized plan and execution strategies. To be able to convey them to the clients in a few minutes is a huge task. In the earlier days, many businesses or companies used to have people who did the paperwork for every detail. It would take days to come to a conclusion by discussing it with the top-level executives. To make things simpler and easier, Swimlane diagrams came into place. It has all the new designs and colors that will make the information look impressive and colorful. There is also free swimlane template that is available online to help business professionals.

free swimlane template

The free swimlane template provides the comfort of making a presentation that will change the business prospects. Many websites provide free-trail of the software, the office timeline gives the guide with various designs and new colors that will look attractive. Some of the templates available are:


  • Marketing: It is very essential for any business to move forward. HR and Marketing are two inseparable parts of the business that must be taken care of. The website provides this kind of arrangement that will help the business to formulate a successful plan in a structured way. In the olden days, papers were the main source of any information gathering. This PowerPoint presentation template will look full of designs and every necessary piece of information that cannot be avoided.
  • Project Schedule: Creating a project plan is critical. It is mainly designed for the use of clients and other stakeholders. The main aim will be to create and illustrate the important objective that has to be achieved including the milestone and execution procedure.
  • Sample Timeline: It was created to give a glimpse of easy usage of the template. While using, business professionals can alter the designs, colors, and content as per their requirements. The level of the hierarchy can also be decided and changed. Each section has been created to have a detailed view of the progress in the project or any other important functions of the business.
  • Lawyer: This is generally to advocate the most important issues that might arise. The critical cases are dealt with and the sequences are arranged in chronological order.