A wild animal can cross your path

A wild animal can cross your path

It is especially late in the day or at night that the risk of crossing cervids or wild boars is highest. “This is the time when animals leave their quarters to reach those where they feed 토토사이트

How to act to avoid the collision

Once the vehicle is immobilized so as to interfere as little as possible with traffic, also think of some precautions and necessary steps. Put on, and carry to the passengers, a retro-reflective vest. Place a warning triangle to alert other users … and to avoid an over-accident. Notify the police. Keep proof of the collision (testimonials, photos. Report the accident to your insurer within 5 working days

And the animal involved?

The police and the mayor of the municipality where the collision occurred must be alerted. The authorities will know how to act: depending on the case, transport the animal to a wildlife rescue center, or even a rendering company, have it slaughtered, allow the driver to take the game …

Hunting: tips for safe trekking

It may be a protected species, a threatened species, “small” game (rabbit, partridge …) that must be left on the spot or a hunting species of “big” game (boar, deer, deer …) that the motorist can keep.


Your vehicle has been damaged The “All Risks” or “All Accidents Damage” cover covers material damage. Note: the Guarantee Fund for Compulsory Insurance of Damages ( FGAO ) does not intervene for the compensation of material damage, in case of a collision with a wild animal. You have been hurt The guarantee “driver” or “individual accident” covers compensation for injuries, in whole or in part according to the contract. The passages for wildlife  토토사이트 , ecoducts or écoponts for the benefit of small animals (amphibians, hedgehogs, hares …) or for the big game (wild boar, roe deer, deer …) are arranged near certain infrastructure, including highways. These are small tunnels under the road or works of art, spanning the roads.

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