Choose the ideal product type for your online store

The ideal price for e-commerce products is usually this price. It is the ideal balance to have an acceptable margin and that the client does not demand much after-sales service (when you buy something of € 1000, it is normal to demand that everything goes correctly and without any mishap, with the extra time that the technical service incurs ).

In addition, the percentage margin that is usually applied to a product with a high price is lower than that which is usually applied to a product with a price that falls within this range. If we add the extra if you pay with a card (lower in the case of the € 100 product) and the greater ease of selling a cheaper product, it makes selling a product of this scale ideal.

Sell products that require many accessories

We are going to tear down a myth. Large-scale sellers do not make money selling products that cost a lot of money. When you buy a € 1,200 computer, the sales margin is very low, since the customer has the habit of comparing prices and deciding which one suits you best about this feature.

The accessories of these Like กางเกงยีนส์ลีวาย, on the other hand, have very high sales margins. So when you buy a computer for € 1,200, the fact of buying a mouse for 20 Euros is not an excessive expense, taking into account the price of the computer. However, assuming that the same mouse cost the store 5 Euros, the margin that the store takes is 300%.

With 6 or 7 mice that sell like this, the store earns the same as selling a complete computer, having invested much less in these. To that mouse add a keyboard, HDMI cable, USB memory …

Compared to a large sale, consumers are much less sensitive to the price of ancillary products. That is why the products that require many accessories get a very high margin, and therefore, are very interesting to maintain your niche market.

Sell products with a long product cycle

Apart from all the above, it is necessary to take into account the product cycle. In a world in constant change, even the products change day after day. Therefore, if you have a series of products that by magic tomorrow will have become obsolete will not serve you much.

When looking for a niche market, it is interesting to find one in which the products have lasting stability over time. Despite the introduction of new models and the removal of older models, we want this number to be as low as possible.

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