Stucco is a fine plaster. It is often used for overlaying wall surfaces or molding into architectural decorations. Stucco is one of the cheaper types of siding. Stucco is a natural fire-resistant and has lasting durability. Stucco repair refers to the repair of the damaged part of the stucco. Sometimes it means reapplying the concrete layer. You should paint stucco every five to ten years. Stucco maintenance should be on the right schedule. This will keep your home looking great. It will also prevent hairline cracks from growing bigger.

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Stucco can be an issue for homeowners in the Columbus area. Stucco siding is vulnerable to various common problems. These problems can cost you thousands of dollars. These include water damage, staining, and mold. You should understand these issues and the solutions before getting stucco repair.

Stucco water damage

The most expensive stucco siding problem is water damage. Crumbling stucco and soft spots are signs of very serious water damage. So are indentations. This is often caused by the incorrect installation of flashing. Flashing is a piece of metal installed on the roof and around windows. It prevents water from getting into the joints in your home. Water damage for stucco siding holds potential for mold if left untreated. There can also be cracks around windows and doors.

Stained stucco

Another typical problem for stucco siding is staining. Rain brings contaminants from the roof and windows. It flows onto the walls which leave stains on the stucco. It looks ugly and causes the stucco to break down and deteriorate. When moisture gets absorbed into the stucco’s plaster, deterioration will get worse.

stucco repair columbus ohioStucco mold

Some homeowners deal with mold at the surface only. Addressing the surface will not end the problem. You should check the reason why mold grows. Improper installation of flashing is dangerous. It may cause water to get behind the stucco through windows.

Cracks in stucco siding

Water damage also causes smaller cracks around the windows and doors. Spider web-like cracks will be visible. Installation errors are often the cause of this. You should not ignore cracking. Water can enter those cracks and lead to more serious problems. Tears in stucco are serious.

Stucco damage can become serious if ignored. It can damage walls and make the structural integrity of a home or building weak. There are many stucco repair columbus ohio you can find. Dealing with stucco problems is expensive. Repair or replacement is better left to professionals.