How to exactly receive your Vanilla prepaid card balance?

How to exactly receive your Vanilla prepaid card balance?

There is very less to talk about the convenience of the vanilla prepaid card. The exception of this card can be felt in all areas of online shopping and other transactions, which can be undertaken worldwide. In other words, the usage of this card is not limited to one place only but can be accessed nationwide. Thus, before planning on your expenditures, you definitely need the balance of the card. In order to get in touch with the vanilla prepaid card balance, take a look at the steps listed below.

How to check the balance right away?

If you are a new user of this vanilla card, the details are listed below:

  • Users need to make sure that the card is inactive mode first. This will help in activating the OTP or one time password for the card.
  • Next, enter the card details of the card, starting with the card number. There is a 14-digit card number printed in your card, which should be typed, without any spacing.
  • This card number is directly linked to your bank account. Therefore, enter the expiry date and the expiry month in the space available.
  • Once done, enter the CVV. This is a three-digit number, which is printed at the back of your card. This is the safety pin, which must be inserted correctly.
  • Now, accept the conditions and click on ‘’view balance’’. Your account balance will be displayed immediately.

vanilla gift balance

For a much shorter method that will save your time, you can make an attempt to call the customer executive. This service is toll-free and gives you the account balance quickly. On the other hand, you can also send an SMS to the concerned vanilla prepaid card service and request the balance information. Thus, both the processes work perfectly fine, to bring you the vanilla prepaid card balance.

It is wise on part of users to know the balance, before using the card for online transactions. You do not want to end up getting fined for low balance. Therefore, play safe to enjoy the benefits of the Vanilla prepaid card!

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