How To Make The Most Of Leonyx-Jogger-Classic

How To Make The Most Of Leonyx-Jogger-Classic

Walking and running are 2 kinds of exercises that don’t need any special gear. A comfortable pair of running shoes, a t-shirt along with a pair ofleonyx-jogger-classic made from a breathable, sweat-absorbent fabric and a strong will power are all the gear you need to pound away on the sidewalk and clock those miles in.

When you’re done building an appetite for yourself and have burnt those pesky calories, it’s time to put in some new ones in outings with family and friends. And when you find yourself in a situation where a pair of shorts is considered informal but you don’t feel like trading in for jeans instead, joggers can be the perfect blend of the best of both worlds to get you what you need.

Some outfits to compliment your joggers

If you feel you need to embrace that jogger life z here are some ideas to use to improve that Instagram game.

  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts

One can never go wrong with either of these. A solid color or even a design (as long as it’s not too tacky) can always do wonders to the pair of joggers you’re packing underneath and give you a smart look

  • Air Jordans, Vans and Converse

While sneakers sure look fine, joggers look exception with any of the aforementioned footwear. Be it the classy basketball shoes, the vintage look of the Converse or the cool going idea with the Vans, any option will do justice to that Jogger and ensure you catch a lot of attention.

  • T-shirts

While Hoodies seem like a good idea, they aren’t exactly a welcome thought when the sun is blazing and the Mercury is up high. In such a situation a good t-shirt, be it a Polo or round neck paired with a comfortable pair of joggers can help you feel cool and look the part too.

These are some tips to ensure you get the best out of

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