Mobile Dog Grooming Service – Growing In Popularity

Mobile Dog Grooming Service – Growing In Popularity

Are you a pet owner? You must be aware that grooming is quite important if you want your pet to stay happy and healthy; particularly if your pet has too many hairs.  Majority of the toy breeds, such as Shih-tzus & Poodles, need regular grooming. Suppose you avoid the regular grooming for your pet, then you may end up with the matted dog, which is not fluffy and cute. As regular mobile pet grooming coral gables is very important that many pet owners have turned to because it fits well with their hectic schedules.

What’s Mobile Grooming

Mobile pet grooming service is when the professional groomer comes to a dog owner, rather than dog owner getting their pet to the established salon. The mobile pet grooming provides the pet owner convenience of not driving to the salon, getting their pet in a car, and dealing with stress of the grooming salons.

mobile pet grooming doral

There’re 2 different types of the mobile pet grooming: “Housecall” or “In-Home,” Grooming, & Mobile Van Grooming. These forms offer pet grooming services at their owner’s office or home.

“Housecall” or “In-Home” Pet Grooming

With Housecall Grooming, professional pet groomer visits their client’s home and does grooming inside their home. Generally they use bathtub while bathing the pet, till owner prefers bathing their pet beforehand.

Mobile Van Grooming

This type of grooming is performed in the mobile van and is quite popular. The groomers can drive the “salon on wheels” as well as travel to the pet owner’s office or homes.

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