The City of Singapore abounds with dazzling samples of modern advertising. Everywhere the visitor looks, the City comes alive with advertising messages, presented in the most bewitching manner possible. Singapore is commercial to the core. Not the least of these features is the stunning vehicle wrap advertising that is prominent on the gracious and speedy roadways of this wonderful City.


The City is resplendent with moving traffic which has Vehicle Wraps that carry all manners of advertising messages. Some of the highlights of this Trend are:

  • These are mostly Vinyl Wrap solutions, which are universally known for their untarnished long life and durability.
  • Affordability comes hand in hand with the style, and a moving advertising feature can be created with the greatest ease.
  • These Wraps are not prone to wear and tear.
  • They are dust resistant, and easily cleaned and polished.
  • Inclement weather does not bother these Wraps, and they are impenetrable to rain and storm.
  • The fine, sleek finish totally transforms the looks of the vehicle, be it a sedan or a truck.
  • The message projected varies with the advertising objective, and is totally customized for the Customer.
  • Color Rendition, Matte or Glossy Finish, fine Detailing, and perfect Resolution are all built in.


The trend of vehicle wrap advertising is not just a passing fad. Time has shown that it is here to stay. YOUPRINT is a style that is highly imaginative, attractive, pocket-friendly and conscious environmentally.