Take 5K Runs And Walks To Push Your Noble Cause

Take 5K Runs And Walks To Push Your Noble Cause

Motivated by a professional runner, who first initiated guided and personalized running tours in different states across the USA. The organisation Off’N Running Tours started their venture and started to the more professional and convenient setup of the individuals and groups who want to have their own running tour. The business model of the organisation was on the lines of non-profit organisations to start off. They have always managed it as a social enterprise, and they continue to do so. The enterprise has seen a lot of success in recent times, ever since the inception social platform, the organisation has grown significantly. Their flagship program 5K runs and walks has been the major driving force.


The organisation has divided its core business into two programs. The first is dedicated to running tours, which are mostly motivated by a social cause, and the second is for corporate races. The structure of programs is pretty much similar. But it is the objective of the race that makes a difference. As the organisation deals with all the preparations, the logistics and operation styles differ once the objective of the race changes. The organisation has a very dedicated which looks after everything which is required to make their program a success. The team makes sure the parties who have signed up with their organisation, manages to achieve their goal; they had set for their race.

Corporate races and walks

Away from a cluttered environment of offices and hotels, a running tour is a very noble idea to promote the networking and team building in an organisation. But its effectiveness totally depends upon how it is conducted. If it’s not conducted in the proper manner with a great deal of professionalism; it may get difficult to stick to the core objectives. The success of 5K runs and walks program has given a very healthy alternative to the corporate. They can now organise an activity for their staffs and employees, which is not only a healthy exercise but promotes networking and healthy work culture.

Running tours

The running tours are mostly pushed by non-profit organisations to promote the cause of their working for or to raise funds by spreading awareness. The 5K runs program has become a medium to raise a voice for a cause. The social reach of the organisation supported effective placement in media helps the individuals and groups to put across their message, their cause in front of a larger audience.

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