What are the features of a refrigerator?

A refrigerator or a freeze is used for food storage purposes. It is the most important electronic essential for each house. We can say it is the basic need of every home. The purpose of a refrigerator is to keep the things cool placed inside it. The mechanism on which it works is simple to understand.it includes a thermally insulated section and heat pump. Heat is transferring from inside the fridge to the outer environment, which in result keeps the whole compartment cool or below the room temperature. It reduces the production rate of bacteria so that the food kept in it is good for many days. Fridge singapore is popular for its best technology at a cheap rate. Their prices begin from S $ 8 only. The temperature of a refrigerator maintains a little degree above the water freezing point. There is a separate section in the fridge whose temperature is below the freezing point which is called a freezer. A refrigerator is no longer just for keeping food in it, it has several features that evolved advance technologies:

  1. It has a power failure alert that tells the user about the maximum temperature on display.
  2. It has adjustable shelves to keep food according to need.
  3. The refrigerator door keep cools due to the diversion of air from the freezer to the door.
  4. Door locks and alarms keep the fridge safe from children.
  5. It includes several drawers in which you can keep vegetables and fruits.