Month: July 2021

preserved flowers in glass dome

Difference between dried and preserved flowers

The dried and preserved flowers are getting more popular in the world. Many florists love to work with both dried and preserved flowers. But few other florists say that the fresh flowers cannot be compared with them. The drawback of fresh flowers is that they have a very short life span. Let us see some differences between the dried and preserved flowers in glass dome.

  • Both the dried and preserved flowers look the same but in reality, there are few differences between them. All these differences move around the preservation process. There are many preservation methods such as putting them in the sand, drying, freezing, pressing, and many more.
  • The most commonly used technique to dry the flower is to take the fresh flowers and hang them upside down in a place where there is no moisture and even airing. Once the flowers are completely dried then they go through a process called coloration where they do some setting through which the flowers can regain their original look. But it is not necessary that all the dried flowers have to go through this process as some of the natural dried flowers look so beautiful even though they losses little color.
  • Dried flowers are can last for a maximum of a year and then slowly they can lose their color and the petals start getting breaking.
  • There are some advanced techniques used in the preserved flowers so that they look fresh. In this process, once the flowers are completely blooming it is placed in the glycerin mixture. The glycerin helps the flower not get dry by replacing itself in the lace of water. So whenever you see a flower that is placed in glycerin it gives you a feel that the flower is fresh and not dried.
  • Compare to the dried flowers they are costly but can stay for a very long time without any breakage.


Both the dried and preserved flowers are a good option for gifting and decorating at home.

audio visual rental singapore


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