Different types of window screen material

Choosing the right screen materials for your living area patio screening system will help you preserve the sight you desire while also protecting yourself from the elements. Each window screens material has its advantages and drawbacks. Allow our knowledgeable staff to explain the benefits of each material for patio enclosures in Cleveland ,tn so that you could select the finest option for your window frames, glass windows, folding screen doors, animal screens, and other applications. Discover everything about the many varieties of screen materials in the sections below, and get started constructing your outside living area now!

  • Fiberglass window screen material: Fiberglass netting, the most widely bought form of the screen for patios and screen doors, is comparatively cheap and provides decent vision due to less brightness from sunshine. Regular fiberglass screen is the simplest screen stuff to deal with because it does not wrinkle like metallic screenings and is flexible. Fiberglass screen materials have the disadvantage of stretching and tearing more quickly than most other screens kinds. Dark, grey, charcoal, and silvery are popular colors for fiberglass window screen materials. There would be a color of fiberglass screen materials that match the color scheme of your home and patio. Standard fiberglass porch screen is a cost-effective and simple-to-install material that would not fold, crack, or unwind like some other fabrics.
  • Aluminum: It is another popular screen material among customers, but it is somewhat more expensive than fiberglass, it offers a great vision. Aluminum drafty windows are ideal for enjoying the midday light and clean air in a safe enclosed environment. Screen grids made of aluminum are more robust than those made of fiberglass or plastic. That has advantages and disadvantages: aluminum is more lasting windows and doors materials, but it is much harder to set up. Aluminum screen meshes could wrinkle during insertion and get damaged over time, despite being a very durable screening material. Unless treated, metal could corrode and rust in coastal areas or moist, wet weather.


The more information you have, the more successful your patio and garden renovations will be! Hope you will be able to choose the right window frame for you.

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