More Choices for Building a Screened in Porch

More Choices for Building a Screened in Porch

There are many advantages to building your very own screened-in porch. It provides a great place for friends and family to gather, it’s an ideal spot for outdoor entertainment, you can have privacy when needed or share stories with neighbors, and on top of all this, it adds value to your home. But what are the options available to one seeking to build their very own screened in porch in Rochester, NY?

A freestanding structure with no foundation is built using standard deck framing techniques. 2×4 studs are used for the walls of this option with wood siding fastened on. Most individuals choose tongue and groove cedar planking c/w paint finish as the wall covering. This particular option does not require permits or inspections, assuming the deck is built using code approved materials and techniques.

A screened porch attached to the home has a foundation and, in some cases, may be considered a ‘Sunroom’ or simply an screened porch depending on the extent of construction. If you’re considering adding an attached screen porch to your house, it’s important to note that this will increase both your heating and cooling costs since the wall(s) between your home and porch helps insulate your heated or cooled air from escaping outside.

Building codes for this type of structure require engineered plans such as those obtained by engaging a professional engineer licensed in your state [of residence] [to do so]. The building department [or architectural committee] will require compliance with the International Residential Code [IRC] & probably with the International Building Code as well.

A screened in porch can also be added to an existing deck, transforming it into a screened porch. This is the least expensive option, but also the most labour-intensive. It’s important to note that this option does not provide any weather protection for you or your furniture – so if you’re expecting inclement weather, you’ll need to take that into consideration.

As with adding a porch to your home, building a screened-in porch onto an existing deck will require permits and inspections to ensure that the construction is up to code.

So, whether you’re looking to add some extra living space for those nice summer days and evenings, want to increase the value of your home, or simply want to enjoy the great outdoors without getting eaten alive by bugs, there are options available to suit your needs.

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