Table tennis racquet rubber: Ingredients used

Table tennis racquet rubber: Ingredients used

table tennis racquet rubber is a type of rubber that is used as a covering like the outer layer of the wooden oval which helps to maintain a grip of the ball while smashing a shot at the opponent. It comprises layers between the wood, rubber, and outer covering. It is very important to check the thickness level of the same otherwise that will hurt the player or the wood could be broken easily and result in an injury.

It consists of a sponge within the covering for a grip to hold the racquet. There are different types of rubber to protect the layers over each rubber covering. From thickness to average length how much the oval should be covered?

Some rubbers have a smooth covering with controls the speed of the throw and spin made through that if not controlled properly may cause an injury to the said players.

A good amount of glue is used to keep the speed at the point and keep an eye on the health concerns and the glue used is toxic in nature lots of chemicals are used in the manufacturing of the rubber higher the amount of rubber used the speed will be in control and otherwise, it also depends upon the throw as well harder the throw, harder to control as well.

Therefore, table tennis rubber is used for blockage; hitting, throwing, and counterattack throw as well.

The sponge which is used should be of a limited thickness used to control or throw the ball it affects the overall game.

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