The first great learning for the parent who attends a child massage course is the request for permission : that is to stop to understand the behavioral state in which our child finds himself, to give him dignity as a person with will and needs unrelated to our will or desire and recognize it as being separate from us. Learn more about the massage therapy in Mobile, AL.

Attending an infant massage course can also be very useful for the mother to fight isolation, to find herself in a group and share the experiences and emotions of the puerperium has been highlighted as protective for postpartum depression.

The practice of massage is therefore useful in the prevention of so-called “colic”. Regularly massaging your baby also has beneficial effects for pain related to growth, muscle tension and the discomfort of the first teething. Through the well-being of the soft pressures that act on the circulatory, gastrointestinal, lymphatic, respiratory systems and also with happy consequences for the immune system. The massage also supports bonding , or the attachment process between parents and their child, facilitates communication and makes the child feel loved and listened to.

At the same time , the parent also benefits from this practice, both because it is immersed in the relationship and because it cannot be massaged without in turn perceiving the touch!

The contact between a mother and her baby also favors the production of some maternal hormones (prolactin and oxytocin, already mentioned above) which favor breastfeeding.

Even in particular situations, such as adoption and fostering , infant massage represents a positive and reassuring contact experience, which helps new parents to create and strengthen that desired and imagined bond of love.


The spread of infant massage in the West started in the 1970s, and integrates traditional Indian massage with some elements of Swedish massage and other elements extrapolated from the study of reflexology. At the end of the sequence, a series of exercises inspired by the practice of yoga are proposed, which can help body perception and stimulate motor coordination in such an important period of growth.

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