What are vijverbeluchters and the benefits of using them?

What are vijverbeluchters and the benefits of using them?

Oxygen is important in a pond for the diversity of water-living organisms. So, vijverbeluchter was introduced to ensure the required oxygen exchange in the pond in all seasons. It helps you to create a healthy pond environment.

If a pond lacks oxygen, then the living organisms in it are damaged due to excessive nutrient loading. This vijverbeluchter is introduced into the water to supply oxygen in the deep and circulate oxygen in large areas. It helps to maintain the ecosystem of the deep water bodies.

Benefits of using a vijverbeluchter

  • Improve water quality
  • Reduce excessive growth of algae
  • Reduce mosquitos
  • Enhance fish habitat

Improve water quality

As the oxygen level in the water increases the quality of water by reducing the release of noxious gas and metals in the ponds.

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Reduce excessive growth of algae

As the oxygen content is increased in the pond, it reduces the phosphorus content, which is used for the growth of algae. The aeration effectively reduces the algae formation in the pond.

Reduce mosquitos

Mosquitoes require stable water to lay eggs and reproduce. But the aerator creates constant flow in the pond water. So, there is a reduced opportunity for mosquito breeding in the pond in your garden or surrounding.

Enhance fish habitat

When there is a change in water temperature, the density of water also differs. Aerator helps to maintain the ecosystem effectively in all cases. So, the fish can live without any trouble in your pond. It makes a healthier habitat for the living organism in the pond.

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