Scientific Discoveries about Cissus Quadrangularis

You have never come by a better product for better health than Cissus quadrangularis. The product had been in use for years and has several health benefits for both male and female. Its benefits are numerous and you will never experience any side effect if you use it according to the prescription. Granted that Cissus quadrangularis is 100% natural and can be bought over the counter; It is still impotent to consult your doctor before using the product. The doctor can direct you on the right dose to use so that you can get the desired result.  You will learn more about Cissus quadrangularis health benefits in this write-up.

Cissus quadrangularis for weight loss

Scientific evidence of its benefits

Certain scientific evidences have surfaced about this product and some of them will be highlighted below:

  • It can cause a 35% increase in serotonin level in your plasma
  • It can elevate creatinine level in the body
  • It can reduce lipid peroxidation level, which makes it reliable as an antioxidant
  • You can also use Cissus quadrangularis for weight loss; it can help maintain a healthy weight at all times.
  • It can reduce the level of blood cholesterol and LDL in the body, thereby promoting the health of your cardiovascular system
  • It can equally reduce triglyceride level in the blood
  • Athletes having joint stress can trust the product for relief from pain.
  • It can relax the muscles and this makes it useful as a sedative agent. Studies show that it can have up to 40% reduction in brain latency.
  • Furthermore, the product has anti-seizure effect and can reduce the risk of convulsion by up to 70%.
  • Its analgesic effect is also proven medically; it can bring about up to 60% reduction in pain
  • Any damage caused by free radicals can also be healed fast by Cissus quadrangularis thanks to its antioxidant effects, which reduces hydrogen oxidative damage caused by hydrogen peroxide.
  • The anti-diabetic property of the product is equally well documented; it can enhance the bioavailability of insulin and also improve insulin sensitivity.

The above is an indication of how effective and beneficial Cissus quadrangularis is. More studies are underway, and there are indications that more Cissus quadrangularis health benefits will be discovered. The product has some mild side effects, but you can avoid the side effects by using only the recommended dosage.  Even if you end up with any of the side effects, they are not life-threatening and can be managed easily.